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For a limited time you can get a Free Cat Urine Odor Sampler to try, but only during this special market test, We will withdraw this offer at anytime. So Act quickly so you don't miss out.

"If You've Been Frustrated With Cat Urine Odor, And You Want The Fastest, Easiest And Safest Way To Remove The Odor In As Little As 72 Hours"
Look No Further...

Because you're about to discover the exact formula professional cat urine odor specialist use, to safely and completely remove cat odors. It's works so well that we'll even guarantee results EVERYTIME!

o what product does all this? I'm glad you asked.

Introducing...The Odor Advantage Pak

dog urine cleanershadow05

A complete system that attacks your deepest, step-in, cat urine odor. Even odor beneath the carpet can be treated with this system, and by owning this kit you'll have the upper hand. Here's how it works:

It comes with the most powerful cat urine product on the market and all of the tools you'll need to destroy cat urine odor quickly and effectively.

Here's what you'll get...

It's not the cheapest possible cleaner you can find. In fact, The Odor Advantage costs 2-3 times what the cheap stuff costs. But what you'll get is absolutely worth the price I charge.

And most important, I promise it will provide everything you'll need for absolute success. I also want you to know that...

"I'm so confident that they will work for you, that I'm going to send you a Free Sample Of my Cat Urine Odor Remover To Try, "Before" You Make Any Decision To Keep Them, And because you ordered today, If this product doesn't work as I said it would, simply return the unopened bottle to me. I will buy it back from you and send you a FULL refund. Plus, you will get to keep the sampler.
"You Risk Absolutely Nothing!"
x Andre DeLano
Who Else Offers You More?

And I'm not going to stop there, take a look
at what else you'll get

From: Andre Delano
Pet Friendly Products

Let Me Ask You...

Does Your Cat Urine Odor Embarrasse You? Don't Let It. Because, there's an easiest and safest way to remove your odor concerns for good!

But first listen to the co-developer of Pet Friendly for odors.

Hi, I am Andre DeLano. I have specialized in cleaning up pet odor contamination for 17 years.

It might smell, but it pays well... In my area, the average residential odor restoration costs $1,753.67

(Hear Andre talk on Pet Odor Removal)

Here's what you'll get in this kit.

Pet Friendly For Odor, clearly the most power odor remover on the market.
A Black light and,
A syringe needle...
dog urine cleanershadow05
This gets beneath the surface where urine usually ends up after using other products that drives urine deeper into the fibers.

Pet Friendly for Odor is designed to take care of your most embarrassing cat urine concerns and is laser beamed focus to do that, and that alone.

Most companies that can be found on and off the Internet only give you one solution, and in most cases it doesn't work.


It's because they try to accompolish too much with one product. (odor and stain removal etc.) and that doesn't work.

I don't have to tell you, because if you are like my local clients who have tried everything on the market, only to end up disappointed and out of hundreds of dollars spent on stuff that didn't work, you want CHANGE.

Be assured that change will occur when you see how Pet Friendly for Odor works in your own home. I GUARANTEE it!

Ok, I know I'm bias, so...

Read what this former Skeptic had to say...

"I Tried Them Because They Work!
Plus, They Guaranteed Them!"

    I have cats. And if you own cats you know that they can be a challenge. I've tried just about every pet odor and pet stain removal on the market.

    After spending hundreds of dollars over the years, I found SpeedyVac.
    They said they could get out stains and were willing to GUARANTEE it.

    Since no one else offered a GUARANTEE, I gave
    them a try.

    After the cleaning, the stains were gone and they offered me their Pet Friendly line. I bought the Trio Pak for stain removal, odor removal and
    a pet waste clean up product.

    I recommend Pet Friendly Products because they work. If you are a
    dog or cat owner like me, try them and you'll see!

    I admit that they’re not the cheapest products around, but because
    they work, they’re worth every penny.

    Just think of all the money I could have saved
    if I had known about them sooner.

    Karen Watson-Il "Cat Lover of 4"

You can get it here

One other thing ...

Pet Friendly for Odor is the ONLY Cat Urine Odor Remover that can give you real results. It was designed to seek out urine salts that cause odor problems in the first place. It doesn't try to remove stains at all, only odor.

So What Makes It 3,000,000 Times More Effective Than Other Pet
Odor Removers On The Market?

It's because it has 6 strains of the most power hybid bacterias available on the market, which is what you'll need to remove super cat urine from your carpet, upholster, and all other items that can handle liquid.

And did I mention... It Will Deliver The Success You Need even if the odor has been treat with my competitors' unsuccesful products.

That's the reason it's so effective.

When you get it home...

Here are the 3 steps you'll need To Remove
Cat Urine Odor Quickly

You find the urine with a black light.
The Revealer)
You mark the areas with masking tape or white chalk
Treat it with Pet Friendly For Odors, and with in 72 hours your odor is gone. (For multiple deposits, you may need to saturate again, that's why we recommend at least 1 gallon)

Here's What you're looking for.

Click To Listen

Black Light

Here's what one former skeptic had to say...

Mike Watts

Listen to...Mike Watts:
I tried it and it worked both times.
Even after trying a different, less
expensive product, I came back,
because it didn't work!

"You want to bookmark this site after you've seen the power of it and how quickly it destroys odors!"

Read the full story...

Imagine finding a product that works EVERYTIME!

Then, losing the website and trying another less expensive product--only to end up disappointed and desperate!

That's what happened to me.

I found Pet Friendly For Odors. Compared to other products, it seemed a bit expensive.

But when I got it home and tried it, Wow! did it work! And that made it worth every penny. This was about two years ago.

I finally ran out, and to my dismay, I remembered the website. So, I went to the net and found a similar type of product.

It didn't work! Even though it claimed to do the same thing. It was simply a masking agent. All it did was mask the odor for a short period and the smell came back with a vengeance.

So I knew I had to find The Pet Friendly Site. After some research, I found it and ordered Pet Friendly For Odors. And again, it worked. Every time I have a problem, I spray it and the smell is gone!

I learned my lesson, and this time, I bookmarked Andre's site. I spoke with him the other day. He is as passionate about this as anybody I know, and he really wants to help people.

So if you were thinking of trying Pet Friendly For Odors, It's a no-brainer. With his guarantee you can’t lose!
Frankly, I've never seen a guarantee like his...Have you?

Try it today. You'll be glad you did. I know I was. Besides, consider what will happen if you did nothing or spent your hard earned money on something that doesn't work!

If you have had enough of trying what “works,”
do yourself a favor. Try a kit and see for yourself!

Mike Watts-Dog Lover-Lenexa Kansas

Plus, keep in mind when you order from me you not only get the most powerful guarantee in the industry, plus...

“It will work for you or your money back! You'll get to keep the free samples I'll send you."

As I mentioned before..."How can you lose?"

Best of all... It's brain dead simple to use?

So why suffer one second longer with Cat Urine Odor plagued you?

If the odors have driven your friends and family nuts, or if it’s been a challenge for you, Pet Friendly for Odor will be the last pet odor remover you'll need. I speak from experience.

And I want to help you with your cat urine odor concern. I have run a carpet cleaning service for the last 17 years and I’ve seen hundreds of cat odor concerns--many with which most people wouldn’t be successful.

And Guess What?

Pet Friendly For Odor is what some say is a miracle product. I don’t want to exaggerate, but it’s the best cat odor product I’ve found for urine odors. This is the same product you're going to get.

But I want you to see what it can do for yourself. Heard enough?
Take Control today-Order Now!

Still not convinced?
Let me tell you how quickly it works...

My Cat Urine Odor Product Works
In As Little As 72 Hours.

Don't be surprised that within 24 hours after applying it, you notice the odor is not the first thing you smell when you walk in the room. In many cases, the odor is completely gone with one application.

I know that statement is hard to believe. But it's true!

Most of my clients felt that they had tried everything under the sun, with little or no success and didn’t think there was anything they could do about it until they discovered my products and me.

So, I respect that you may have healthy skepticism.

Here's what another big believer now has to say...


    Listen To My Latest Testismonial
    -Pam Muhr-North Barrington IL

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Take it now while it's fresh on your mind

Still thinking it over? Gee, you're tough. Ok let talk about...

Cat Urine Odor Success

It doesn’t matter how much success my clients and I have.

You Must Test them yourself to really see the power work for you. Then and only then, will you know. If it isn’t everything I promise, I’ll buy it back, give you a full refund, plus, you’ll get to keep the sampler just for wasting your time.

That's the risk I'm willing to take, to let you prove it to yourself!

You’ll love it and your cat again. Besides, I can’t think of a better way to get the product in your hands and let you test the power of it. Could I be more fair?

Take Your House Back And Order Now!

Lets Recap...

You get to eliminate your Cat Urine Odor. You get to test it for 30 days “Before” making a decision whether or not to keep it, and... You get to try it Risk Free! Listen To My Guarantee

I’m confident you’ll feel like so many other cat lovers who tried Pet Friendly Advantage Pak.

Order my Cat Urine Odor Eliminator from my secure site. Do it now, and you’ll be glad you did!

Because you're still reading, perhaps you realize that you need my product. Order it Now. and take charge today!

Andre, I'm still not convinced. I just want to be sure before I go forward. OK. Fair enough. Pet Odor Link to discover more about what our odor remover does.

Ok, Now That You Know That Here’s What You Should Done Now

Trust your own right judgment and try the Pet Friendly Odor Advantage Pak Now!
Let me take all the risk for you. Then, take my 30 day test drive. “before” making a decision whether or not to keep it. I'm sure...

You won’t need 30 days to see why others
purchase my pet stain & odor remover
kit over and over again.

You’ll see for yourself why others rave about their urine removal success. Once you try it, you’ll feel the same way too!

Take control, and get it now!

dog urine cleanershadow05

I'll Click And

Wondering what you'll see when you check out? It simple...
Watch The Check Out Video Now

Pet  Odor & Stain Removal Guarantee

No Andre' , I just want the free sample. you mentioned. I don't want to save on the shipping, nor do I want to get the free sample with my order, instead I'll just want the I undestand that I will only pay $7.77 for shipping and handling and that's it.

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