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Pet Odor Removal

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"I insist that you try my Double Pak absolutely free! So you can see that these miracle-in-a-bottle works perfectly. Just put it on, and in 72-hours the urine will be gone forever. I’m sure you’ll eventually want to come back to me when when you need more for new spots."

In fact...

Here's My Promise To You...
I'm so confident they will work for you, that if you decide to order larger sizes, I'm going to send you the Free Samples Of my Pet Urine Removers. But If the product doesn't work as I said it would, simply return the unopened bottles to me. I will buy them back from you and send you a FULL refund.
Plus, you will get to keep the samplers.

You’ll risk absolutely nothing!
x Andre' DeLano
Who Else Offers You More?

And I'm not going to stop there, take a
look at what else you'll get!

From: Andre DeLano
Co- Developer
Pet Friendly Products

Dear Fellow Pet Odor Sufferers,

oes your pet odor embarrasse you?

Don't Let It!

You don't have to tell me about how embarrassing and smelly cat and dog odors Pet Odor Removal Ladycan be. I know pet odor Stinks! You know it, your true friends point it out to you, your neighbors even know it, and certainly your mother-in-law knows your pet odor stinks.

Pet odors make your skin crawl, make you feel unsanitary and you imagine you can smell it days later, even if you are far away from the odor.

It gets germy and babies crawl in it, you walk in it and it transfers everywhere you step and anywhere you put your feet.

Pretty soon your whole house is a germ ridden stinky mess.
Worse, nature designed pet urine to be sticky and not wash away.
there is a solution...

And It's The Final Solution To End
All Of Your Pet Odors For Good!

Introducting: The Ultimate Smart Saver Pak

This Is The Secret Weapon of Professional Pet urine
Now Finally Available To You! They Are None toxic,
safe for pets and their owners.

s a professional, who guaranteed complete odor removal or a full refund, I had to get the odor out completely, the first time, it had to be safe for pets and babies, sanitary, and do no damage to carpets, floors, drapes, upholstery or wallpaper (rule of thumb: always test).

I have made thousands upon thousands of homes odor free, and over the years, I have tried hundreds of products--even radical solutions, and they all have fallen short.

Until now.

And for the first time You can try my Pet Odor Removal products Free!

Recently, chemists advanced a new odor remover that was so effective, I no longer had to peel up the carpet, replace the padding, and seal the floors.

In fact, all I do now is spray it on and the urine is gone in 72 hours.

It's become so easy, it has made
me feel a bit guilty

Sound wonderful? Well, let me tell you something. I started to feel badly about charging someone $1,900.00 to spray a product on their carpet and upholstery.

In fact, when I realized that it ALWAYS works, it requires no in-depth training, and it’s perfectly safe--in fact so safe, you could drink it if you were a little goofy...when I realized all of that, I decided the most ethical thing to do is give people the option to apply it themselves.

So I Made It Available To Everyone

New! Now you can have the finest professional odor removal for a do-it-yourself price. I have worked as a co-developer to make this amazing new product, Pet Friendly For Odor, available for use by the non-professional for the first time.

Works Every Time In 72 Hours Or Less

Just follow the simple instructions that come with the product and you will eliminate the odor source every time, guaranteed, (see conditional guarantee below) or your money back.

Where ever you saturate the area with Pet Friendly For Odor, the odor will be completly gone in 72 hours.

This is not a perfume, though it does have a fresh almost baby-powder scent. It is not that dangerous ozone, or a toxic chemical that temporarily wipes out odors by killing the bacteria that cause them.

It actually eats up any organic odor source using scientifically advanced cultures of enzymes and live, "friendly," bacteria.

I am sure you have heard of other enzyme and bacteria odor cleaners, maybe even tried them and found hat they never work, but I have discovered that this one is different...

3,000,000 Times More Effective Than Other
Pet Odor Removers And Will Deliver The
Success You Need

This patented miracle is up to 3,000,000 times more potent than some products on the market and works far faster with less product, and you can only find my Pet Odor Removal product right here.

So Why Get...Those Outdated Products?

They are very touchy, requiring the pH balance to be just right, an exact temperature range, absence of any other cleaning chemicals that might interfere with them (such as most other odor removal products), and many more variables beyond your urine

But Pet Friendly For Odor is not that way, it is practically goof proof. Anyone can use it, just pour, wipe or spray it on and it goes to work.

To find ALL the urine spots many people also use a special type of ultra-violet light, which I also have for you. Again free with my combo kits.


For complete instructions see this PDF File

So as long as you find all the spots. (You'll need a black light for that) Include Free In My Combo Paks.
This is what you see with the right black light
And saturate the spot completely, it will absolutely destroy all of the odor every time

Complete Coverage Is The First Step

Guaranteed To Work Or All Your Money Back!
Plus, You Get To Keep The Free Samplers

n fact, if it doesn't eliminate every pet odor, I will give you all your money back, including give you the samplers, just because you took a chance on me.

How is that for a guarantee? Strangely, I have yet to have anyone want their money back. (see conditional guarantee).

Gee, I wonder why?...Oh wait, I know why. It's BECAUSE IT WORKS!

Just look at some of the hundreds of testimonials that come to me from people who had pet odor problems just like yours and solved them with this magnificently simple solution...

"I Tried Them Because They Work!
Plus, They Guaranteed Them!"

    I have cats, and if you own cats you know that they can be a challenge. I've just about everything they sell at the store. After spending hundreds of dollars over the years, I found SpeedyVac they said they could get out stains and was willing to guarantee it. Since know one else offer A GUARANTEE I gave them a try.

    After the cleaning the stain were gone and they offered me their Pet Freindly line, I got The Trio pak. The kit covered stain removal, Odor removal and a pet waste clean up product. I recommend Pet Friendly Products because they work. If you are a dog or cat owner like me try them and you'll see.

    Although i will admit they are not the cheapest products around,but because they work, they
    are worth every penny. Just think about all the money I could have saved if I knew about them sooner.

    Karen Watson-Il "Cat Lover of 4"

Get Free Pet Odor Removal Relief Now!

“We Tried The Trio kit Because It Is A
Complete System”

    Our dog would not let up and unfortunately we needed to do something now that we were ready to sell our home. We had a few stubborn  Pet stains that didn’t want to go away. Since Andre’ is local, we hired them to see if they could get out the stains.

    We had several areas that needed special attention. Within a few hours we could see the stains disappear and most of them were gone after 3 hours. We are thrilled that they are gone. Now that we have the Trio Pak we will get the stains out as quickly as he did.  We really like how easy it is to use.

    We are confident that we will get our asking price for our home. No embarrassing stains or odor. I recommended them to my sister she’s used them and so should you!-

    Tom Gudgen Naperville, IL  Dog lover-Has A Chocolate Lab

“We Got The Double Pak Solutions Because It Had Both
Pet Odor Removal
& Pet Stain Removal.”

    I Was very pleased with the results of Pet Friendly for Stain Removal and Odor.We have a new kitten that left several stains on my daughter's bedroom carpet and your product worked exceptionally on it.

    I also had some old stains from other pets that Pet Friendly worked well on. -  P. Blackshear-Arlington TX

Take Control Now And Get The Free Pet Odor Remover You deserve!

“They Really Do Back Up Their Claim”

    When I received my order, the bottles had been damaged and were leaking. When I informed André of this, he sent a replacement immediately. I was impressed with the courteous and promptness of his company. Thank you. - Stephanie Shackelford-Troy Al

Diana Walworth



Listen to...Diane Walworth
I Found The Perfect Pet Stain Remover!


It's The Best Pet Stain Removal Product I've Ever Used. "I spent hundreds in the past"
for stuff that didn't!

Unbelievable! I can't say enough about Pet Friendly For Stains & Odor. I have a white carpet and a dog that has a mind of it's own, I tried many differant products in the past, but none has worked like Pet Friendly. I had a few urine stains. So I couldn't wait to try the pet stain product.

I applied it, and checked on it after an hour. The stains were still there, so I went about doing my house work. As I got busy about four hours had passed, so when I went to take a look, ALL THE STAINS WERE GONE! I couldn't believe it.

I've had tried other products that say, that if you used something else on the carpet, their product may not work. I don't know about you, but that's exactly what I'd done.

But Pet Friendly For Stains worked quickly and easily. Needless to say. I'm thrilled!

Try it, they have the best guarantee on the net. (but don't plan on using it)

Do You Know Any Of These Happy Pet Odor Removal Clients?

Here’s Just A Few Of Our Clients Who Tried
Pet Friendly Products! Do You Know Any
Of These Pet Lovers...
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Jeffrey Moore Wiley Smith Lourdes Villamil Kathleen Curtis

There Are Thousands More... I'll Save You Money Ordering Direct
That's why I made this web page.
We don't need middle men to pitch this product and run up the price.
We don't need to charge you extra for an expensive ad campaigns.
Word-of-mouth drives hundreds of new clients to us every day and that is probably how you found me too. Such a phenomenal product sells itself, and that saves you money.

Consider your could spend about $1,753.67 and hire a pro like me. But the truth is, most pet odor removal specialists are not that great.

You might not even get what you paid for… Or you could try Pet Friendly For Odor, risk free, and it will save you hundreds of dollars when you see that it works...
Dog Odor

Or if it doesn't work, send it back and I will pay give you a full refund, plus you get to keep the free samplers.

So you actually benefit if it doesn't work. All you could possibly lose is a few minutes of time, and you will even be paid for that.

Don't Waste Money and Time Trying Other So-Called "Odor Removers" When the One That Works
Is Right In Front Of You

Now I know that you could buy hundreds of other products on the internet right now--some of them for a few bucks less. Let me tell you why that would be a mistake.

Cat Odor RemovalI recently did a side-by-side comparison of 14 top internet products, some of them enzymes, like mine.

But none of them came close, not even remotely close, to the power of Pet Friendly For Odors.

So Why did I stop at 14? Because it was so obvious that nothing can compare to Pet Friendly For Odors, I realized I was wasting my time and money. And you’ll waste your time and money too, if you go elsewhere.

Pet Friendly For Odors will do the job, GUARANTEED, or you’ll receive your money back, plus the free samplers. Why waste your time and money being conned by rip-offs?

If you're as smart as we believe you are, we know you've been through enough already. Stop being punished by your pet odor. Why not try Pet Friendly For Odors and let me show you that this is the last product you will ever need? You deserve it...

So What Makes Pet Friendly For Odor So Differant...?

Take a look...

First, It's Safe for you, your pets, and children. Non-Toxic and Biodegradable.

Second, It removes Uric Salts, the cause of the smell and prevents your pet from returning to the spot.

Third , it has a pleasure fragrance during the breakdown and destruction of the urine salts. This will eliminate the overpowering odors you get when cleaning urine soaked areas.

Best of all, you'll start with a pleasure sent during and after the product eliminated the odor. (Most say, it reminds them of baby powder or freshly baked cookies.)

Fourth, You get a clear 30-day better then money back GUARANTEE on all of my products. You can listen to My Guarantee here.

Fifth, I have used this product for over 10 years in my business, and it has been used by thousands of other carpet cleaning professionals who offer guaranteed Odor removal.

So what you'll get is the same test and proven power we use to get results.

Sixth , It's Brain Dead Simple To Use. Even my 10 year-old can use it, and so can you! . Take a look at how easy they are to use.

No other product on or off the internet offers you more!

Ready To Take Control Now? Try my Free Pet Odor Removal Offer Now!

Warning: It's Not A Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Please understand that Pet Friendly For Odors is not a general purpose, multi-use deodorizer.

If that were the case, it would have very little effect on pet odors, like all those other products that have already failed you.

Pet Friendly For Odors is extremely powerful and made only for pet odors. Do not use as a multi-purpose cleaner.

n all honesty, I must tell you that Pet Friendly For Odors does have a shelf-life. After about a year, it starts to lose a little effectiveness.

But by then. you should have reordered several times and just to remove the risk for you, I will replace any unused product, ounce for ounce that is more than a year old.

I send all products UPS and they are well packed for shipping. However, if the product is damaged in any way, send it back and I will replace it with zero hassles.

I send all products UPS and they are well packed for shipping. However, if the product is damaged in any way, send it back and I will replace it with zero hassles.

Why Not Try Them Now For Free?

Can you think of any reason you shouldn't let me prove that Pet Friendly For Odors will do the job right now? Great! Then let me know by Feedback or take me up on my offer here

Don't forget. There is no risk. If you are not satisfied with the product, I will refund all of your money--even shipping and handling. Plus, I will give you the sampler at no extra charge. It is a small purchase, do you really have to think about it?

I will make sure you are happy with it. You lose nothing and gain freedom from odors if you will only act now!

"Here's How To Get The Free Pet Odor Removers -Just As I
Promised, No Surveys, No Gimmicks Or Tricks"

As I mentioned , I insist you try my product absolutely free so you can see that it works perfectly. I know you will eventually buy more in return.

You are entitled to get two free, 2 ounce, sample bottles. It is enough to treat one small urine spot. Maybe that's all you need... for now. You try it. It will totally knock out the odor. In 72 hours, you will be able to put your nose right down in that spot and you will smell no pet odor ever again.

If and when you want more, look me up again. Be sure to Book Mark My Site.

All I ask is that you pay for the shipping and handling which is a measly $7.77ea. Remember, if it doesn't work, I will refund even that, and pay you an extra $7.77 just for trying it. How could you possibly lose?

Now I know that the vast majority of people need a lot more than 2 ounces, but I just want you to try it for free. So put up with the odor a few more days and try the free sample, prove to yourself that it works and then order more as you need to. But if you want quicker results, here's...

How To Get More Now With No Waiting

If you’re like most people who simply can't wait that long, I will let you go ahead and order a gallon or more now. But I still want you to get the free sample.

So if you choose to order a gallon or more, I will include the free sample bottle in with it for no extra shipping and handling charge, and that way you get everything you are entitled to and save a little on shipping.

Plus, you will find that the little bottle makes a great applicator bottle Get them here now.

The Dirty Little Secret
My Competitors Don't Want
You To Know

My competitors sell mostly quarts. Now, my product is at least, 300,000,000% better than theirs, with six strains of helpful bacteria instead of one or two strains. With my product, you can dilute a gallon and make 4 gallons (use it straight on very difficult areas).

If you consider that one of my concentrated gallons mixes to make 4 ready to use gallons, then it only costs $24.00 per gallon, while their product costs you that much per quart. Even diluted, my product is at least 7.5 times as strong as theirs.

In other words, my product costs you one-fourth as much and delivers at least 7.5 times the punch. So why not try them now and get my free samples as my gift.

Need More Info?

Their dirty little secret is NOT that they are actually charging you as much per quart as I charge per mixed gallon. Their secret is this:

They know, just like I do, that before you can smell an odor, there has to be so much urine in the carpet that you have a huge problem. You may think it’s only one little spot, because that's what everyone thinks at first. But when you check with the ultra violet light, you will find that about five large portions of the carpet are soaked with urine.

I know, I know… Even the smartest people never believe it until they see it for themselves. You’re going to need a huge amount of the product. And that is their dirty little secret!

They know that selling you a quart of pet odor remover is like throwing a bucket of water on a house fire. You’re going to have to order more and more until they rip you off for a huge amount of money or you simply give up.

I’m giving you just what I know you will need to begin with. And hey, if you do have a little left over for future spots, great!

These packages I hand selected for you

How To Save An Additional $7.00 On
Your First Gallon

I have a 7 day tip series, with some very brief but useful tips to help you get the most from my products, and give you some very important ongoing information that you'll find useful.

I don't share your name with anyone or even ask you if you want information from some rediculous business partner. I e-mail you useful short tips that's it.

If you are smart about it, and sign up for my tip series, I will give you a one-time-only code that will give you an extra seven dollars off your first gallon of Odor Remover. You will recieve it via your email. Make sure you add us to your friendly list, so you recieve your code.

If you haven't already, You can Sign up for our tip series
and save $7 off your first Order:

Please note:Check Your Email. You will recieve your $7 code shortly after you enter your email detail below. Remember to add to your white list so you don't miss it.

First Name:
Email Address:

We respect your privacy and will not spam you, sell or give your e-mail address to anyone. You'll get special free gifts and inside offers which are not available on this site. Every e-mail we send you will come with an easy unsubscribe link

Ok. Now that you've done that...when you check out, you're going to save $7 off, plus a savings of $7.77 on the shipping for the sample bottles, that's a total savings of $14.77 just for getting the gallon sizes now.

Click here to take control now

I sell Pet Friendly For Odors to merchants for $97.53 per gallon. The retail price you would pay them is $127.77. But here on the internet, you can buy it direct and pay the wholesale price of only, $97.53.

That is an additional savings to you of $30.24. Add that to the $14.77 savings I have already explained, and you get a total savings of $45.01.

So, sign up for the tip series , if you haven't already, your total price on your first gallon will be only $90.53. Of course, there will be shipping and handling on the gallon only.

And of course, your full money back plus $7.77 guarantee still applies, even at that price (see conditional guarantee here).

So, if you want to order a gallon of Pet Friendly For Odors, plus the free sample bottle, for $97.53 plus an additional savings of $7 if you signed up for the tip series, if you haven't already sign up and your code will be instantly sent to you via e-mail. Ok...

Here’s what to do now…

Order Your Gallon of Pet Friendly For Odors Here
plus the Free sample bottle I'll add that at checkout

More Than Double Your Savings By Ordering The 2 Gallon Mix & Match Option...

Heard Enough?
Get Your Gallon Relief Pak Here!

Special-Temporary Test Offer

My accountant and my manufacturer assured me that if I doubled my volume, my cost per gallon sold will go down so much, I can offer you an even better price. However, I don’t know if I can offer this permanently.

So as a test, I will offer you a special price on two gallons, though I can't say how long this special will last. It could end at any moment...

Often, when a client has odor, they have urine stains too. Pet Friendly For Odors is not designed to remove stains. In fact, urine stains are very difficult to remove and their chemistry is such that most cleaning agents will set them instead of remove them.

I also offer a fantastic stain remover just for urine, called Pet Friendly For Stains. (Click
Pet Friendly For Stains
To Discover More About it ) You may want that also.

With this special test, "2-Gallon Mix & Match Option," you choose from two gallons of either product or one gallon of each. Whichever you want. The cost is only $174.00 for 2 gallons of either product.

Again, you will still get the free sample bottle and an extra $7 off for signing up for the tip series. So this is a huge savings.

But it gets even better...

As a first time client, I want you to start out with all the tools and products you need to do the job right the first time. I want you to have the special ultra-violet light ($27.77) and the syringe ($9.97).

So I will give those to you for free. That is an additional $37.76 value, for free, for first time clients only.

This is a total retail value of $422.48 for only $174.00, plus an additional $7 off if you sign up for the tip series. This provides you a total savings of $255.48! Less than half price. Is it cheaper to buy wholesale or what?

Lets Review What You Get:

1. Two gallons of the products of your choice
2. Two ounce sample bottle
3. 52-Week Ezine
4. Special Ultra Violet Light, and
5. Syringe

Total $167.00 (or $174 without the ezine)

This is a ONE TIME offer.

Remember, this is for first time clients ONLY. You will never get this offer again.

Order 2 gallons of Pet Friendly For Odors and procede to


Order 1 Gallon of Each and procede to



Take Control Today... And get the relief you need NOW.
Order now while it's fresh on your mind!

Pet  Odor & Stain Removal Guarantee

No Andre' , I just want the free sample you mentioned. I don't want to save on the shipping, nor do I want to get the free sample with my order, instead I'll just want the free sample. I undestand that I will only pay $7.77 for shipping and handling and that's it.

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