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For a limited time only, you can get free pet odor and pet stain samplers, but only during this special market test, We may withdraw this offer at any time. Act quickly, so you don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

“ Here’s How To Remove Pet Odors In As Little As 72 Hours  With  These 3 Easy Steps”
But First...

Let Me Ask You...

Does your pet odor embarrass you? Don't Let It!

Because, when you finish reading this, you’ll know the secret to the fastest, easiest, and safest way to remove your pet odor concerns for good! So what are the steps you'll need? First you get...

The Odor Advantage Pak

Your Pet Odor will be removed
within 72 hours or less!


From: Andre Delano
Pet Friendly Products

Hi, I am Andre DeLano. I have specialized in cleaning up pet odor contamination for 17 years.

It might smell, but it pays well... In my area, the average residential odor restoration costs $1,753.67

(Hear Andre talk on Pet Odor Removal)

Now, all you have to do is...button Find it button Treat It button Destroy It!

Here are the 3 steps you'll need For Successful Pet Odor Removal.

Find the urine with a black light. (The Revealer)
Mark the areas with masking tape or white chalk.
Finally, treat it with Pet Friendly For Odors, And with in 72 hours, your odor is gone. (For multiple deposits, you may need to re-saturate. That's why we recommend at least 1 gallon.

Here's what you're looking for.

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Black Light

In that order.

The Odor Advantage Pak is the only kit on the market with a single focus in mind.

This might seem trite, but it is designed only to remove pet odor quickly. That’s what pet owners want, and you'd think other big companies would have figured that out.

Since that's the only focus, that's why it's so effective. Let me explain... ntage Pak is the only Pet odor removal kit that was designed with one laser beam focus...and that is the absolute destruction of urine odor.

Isn't that what you want?

Let me explain what it's going to do for you...

It will destroy your worst cat odor & dog urine permanently! It’s an amazingly fast acting, long lasting and environmentally safe product that dramatically eliminates offensive odors almost instantly. That's why I want you to try it today. In fact, when you order your kit, I will do the following...

"I'm so confident they will work for you, I'm going to send you Free Samples Of my Pet Urine Remover. If this product doesn't work as I said it would, simply return the unopened bottles to me. I will buy them back from you and send you a FULL refund.Plus, you will get to keep the sampler.
"You’ll risk absolutely nothing!"

x Andre DeLano
Who Else Offers You More?

As a pet odor removal specialist, I offer my clients GUARANTEED results. Everytime!

Get the same results in your home that I and hundreds of others throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs have gotten, and risk absolutely nothing!
Try It and see the results for yourself.

When you get it, you'll be using the same power so many others—including me--have used to get GUARANTEED results everytime!

Here's the system that will get you the results you want.

Try it and see for yourself that it does everything I promised. If it doesn't, simply return the unopened gallon and I will give you a prompt, courteous refund.

Plus, you’ll get to keep the sample I sent you simply because I wasted your time. How can you lose?

Take Control--Click

and get the results you want!

The Odor Advantage Pak

Still not convinced?

An easy way to treat your odor. Simply find, spray and treat your most foul odors, because For Odors is the only Pet Odor Remover product that's exclusively built for Cat Odor & Dog Urine Odors you’ll see success quickly.

This product is different from its competitors, because the competitors try to accomplish multiple tasks with one solution, Pet Friendly only has one purpose, removing pet odor from your home.

Don’t take my word...

Try The Odor Advantage Pak for yourself

The Odor Advantage Pak will not "mask" the areas of concern. Instead, it will seek the source of the smell, destroy it, and will not create a "perfume" over the urine smell like most multi-use products.

The Odor Advantage Pak will not "mask" the areas of concern. Instead, it will seek the source of the smell, destroy it, and will not create a "perfume" over the urine smell like most multi-use products.

 Here’s What Everybody Ought To Know About This
Pet Odor Remover
And The Additional Benefits You’ll Get...

Even though it is exclusively designed to work on carpets for Pet Odor Removal, it also will help to remove odors from sofas, wood trim, kitty litter boxes, kennel odor clean-up, and surfaces that are not harmed by liquids.

Don’t take my word for it. Try it and see for yourself that my products really do work.

I GUARANTEE it! If you have both urine stains and odor, the Advantage Pak alone might not be the right kit for you. In that case, I recommend the Ultimate Smart Saver Pak. It takes care of both concerns.

You can get it here: Pet Odor and Stain Removal.

Here’s What You Should Done Now

Get it home, test it on your toughest odor problems, and see for yourself, that it makes a difference.

After you’ve tried it, you’ll see for yourself why others rave about their odor removal success. Once you see it work in the privacy of your own home, I’m confident you’ll feel the same way!


Ok Andre’ I Want To Take Control Now!
Here's What You should Do, Get...

Then, see if your odor isn't better after the 72 hours test drive. See if you don't notice a dramatic difference in the way your home smells. No doubt, you will have made a great decision!

But best of all, there will be NO MORE ODOR! Click Now. You'll be glad you did!

Pet  Odor & Stain Removal Guarantee


No thanks, Andre. I just want the free sample you mentioned. I don't want to save on the shipping, nor do I want to get the free sample with my first order. I understand I will pay $7.77ea for shipping and handling and nothing more.

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