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Black Light, Blacklights for Cats And Dog Urine And Pee
"How To Find Hidden Pet Urine...In Less Than 7 Seconds!"
And By Using My Black Light Revealer™,
You'll Find The Urine And Destroy it Quickly!

Black Light

So What's The Difference?

The Super Reveal has 8x more powerful mini bulbs then most Black lights. You get a total of 9 bulbs to give you the power you need in a magligt type unit. Super Reveal will do the job you want quickly and easily allows you to find the urine deposits like never before.

From: Andre Delano
Pet Friendly Products

Attention Pet Suffering Owners

By having these specially engineered black lights at your disposal, you’ll increase your success rate by a dramatic 103%. This means you’ll be able to remove pet odors faster, easier, and with little or no adverse effects to the areas being treated.

I don't have to tell you that if you miss JUST ONE SPOT, your possibility for success will diminished by at least 93%. Wow! But with a simple $23.77 investment, you'll have the upper hand on which will almost assure 100% success everytime.

But that's not all you'll need and I’ll explain that in a moment.

There are two other tools that will make your success is GUARANTEED.

But first i'll explain why it is so important to have my black light Revealer at your fingertips...

But If you already know the value of having a black light and just want to know where to get one, plus the injector that's needed to get beneath the carpet where your pet has made multiple deposits, and add these tool to your arsenal click Black Light to get yours today. Otherwise read on...

When It Comes To Pet Stains Here's What The Revealer
Is Going To Show You...

Click To Listen

Black Light

Once you find them, now you can easily treat them. But don't just use anything... to treat the deposit you want to use a product that guarantees results and put the odds to work for you! We talk about that product later, and how to get the revealer as part of a complete system.

So What Makes My Black Light Revealer So Special? Good Question...

The Revealer Black Lights exposes Pet Urine Deposits that you and I could never be see with the naked eye. Without it you will be shooting in the dark and not get the results you want. Plus you'll only waste product treating areas that doesn't need it. The Revealer eliminates that for good. Plus...

It is the #1 tool you must have to guarantee success everytime. Pet Friendly's Black Light Revealer will give you the edge you need!

That's Because.....

Ultra Violet Urine Detector Uncovers Hidden Urine Deposits that are undetectable to the human eye.
If you are ready to get your
click here to get started

Still Not Convinced? Here's more on...

The Revealers™ Black Light And
How It Works!

black light and cat urine

It'll show you "EXACTLY" where the urine deposits are and where you'll need to treat them... thus saving you product, time, and money.

Black Lightshadow2
This is what the Black Light finds when you have multiple urine deposits.

The Black Light Revealer uncovers pet urine deposits instantly, because it’s Not just another black light. Its main focus is to discover urine salts left behind by your pet. Its powerful lighting system will do that in record-breaking time.


n seconds, you'll see urine deposits that you never knew existed--even in areas that look sparkling clean to the naked eye.  Because pet urine is tricky and transparent, it’s difficult and expensive to treat what you can’t see, why put up with that?


Why Pet Owners Fail To Remove
All The Pet Odor

Generally, in most cases where the product they used fails and the odor persists, it's usually because they didn't use a black light, nor the right pet odor remover, or didn’t use sufficient time to let the product work. If this is your experience, because you've found my page that will not longer be true, if you follow the steps in my system that you get with your order.

Now as promise I would tell you about the other products you need to get the guaranteed results you deserve! Plus because you read this far I'm going to share with you...

How To Get My Black Light For Free!

Since we know the reasons why people fail, I decided to give you everything you need in one simple package. It's called the Odor Advantage Pak and it comes with the Black Light Revealer and a syringe needle for the hard to reach subsurface deposits and the best most effective pet odor remover on the market today and...

You can get it them free here

The great thing about this pak is that it comes with a free sample of our best selling odor products, as well as a full gallon of it's concentrated power. It's called Pet Freindly for Odor, It's so powerful, You can make up to 4 gallons of ready-to-use product in an instant.

And There's More...

The Black light revealer will give you the upper hand you need to find the deposist in seconds, you’ll be able to pinpoint “exactly” where the accident happened, and then treat it with Pet Friendly For Odors, which is included in the odor advantage pak

I mentioned above, and the syringe needle you'll need for those problemed areas you can't otherwise reach.

But I Will Admit, There Was One
Flaw In Our System

Having a black light is one thing and having the odor advantage pak is another. However, I will admit it will not work on pet urine stains. That’s was the missing link in our system...

So, we developed complete system that's designed to not only find, treat, and remove the odor; but added another product that will also removes the stains left behind after Pet Friendly For Odor and removed the odor. It's called Pet Friendly For Stains.

By adding it to the already excellent Odor Advantage System, It completed the overall product line and is called

The Ultimate Smart Saver Pak

It includes:

The black light

Pet Friendly for Odor

Syringe and

Pet Friendly For Stains.

This is a complete system. You’ll get everything you need, and have nothing else to buy.

Here’s why adding Pet Friendly For Stains to your arsenal makes sense: After The Black light Revealer™ finds all the deposits, you begun treating them and finally getting the Odor success you wanted...only to end up with no odor, but with a bunch of unsitely stains.

So we figured adding For Stains made since, and as a results It doesn’t have to be that way, because having my For Stains Product in your arensal that won't happen!

Get everythig you need in The Ultimate Smart Saver Pak

Still thinking it over?

Did you know studies have shown that even if you remove all the odor but still have stains, most people will associate the stains with the odor--even though it no longer smells.

That's another reason why we developed Pet friendly for Stains, and added to the ultimate smart saver package, its killer! Here's how it works...

Pet Friendly For Odor will eliminates pet urine stains within 1-8 hours. It even removes stains that were previously treated with other so-called stain removers...

The good news is you can get it at a discount over buying it separate in the
Ultimate Smart Saver Pak.

But Andre All I Need Is A Black Light! Ok...

If that's all you need, Let’s look at what you’ll get with The Super Revealer™ Black Light,

You'll be amazed and here’s why...

Black Lightshadow2

It’s powerful! You'll see how easily it reveals ALL the urine deposits ALL the time, you’ll quickly see why this is the only black light you'll need.

You'll be surprised to learn where your pet goes. You'll discover...areas you thought your pet would never go.

You'll instantly see Deposits That Are Months Old -- even some You treated yourself.

By owning The Super Revealer™ you’ll be able to guickly

    Find it
    Treat it, and
    Destroy The Pet Odor For Good!

you'll be taking the first step to the road of success. And if all you need is a black light to help you find and treat your urine deposits, you can get it Here.

It not going to brake the bank either, your investment to get this power little unit is a measy $23.97, that's it. When you get it, you'll have the most important little tool for pet odor removal at your finger tips, and you'll save money by having it to.

Why not have the most powerful little black light at your finger tips, Get the Super Revealer Get it today!

What should you do now.

Either get the Super Revealer or get in my combo kit or better yet...

If this makes since for you, smart people would get EVERYTHING YOU NEED at once and the Ultimate Smart Saver Pak will do the job. Plus the black light Revealer is free.

Add The Ultimate Smart Saver to your arsenal today!

What every you do, Take control Now and
get your house back!

Get My Black Lights And Carpet Injector Syringe Need Free!
With These Packages...

The Odor Advantage Pak Or The Ultimate Smart Saver Pak they include the black light Revealer and Syringe needle For Free!

These two kits have all the tools you’ll need for maximum success. Get them now, while it's fresh on your mind.

Wondering what you'll see when you check out?
It simple...

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Pet  Odor & Stain Removal Guarantee

No Thanks Andre'. I'll just get The Black light Revealer
I don't need the anything for stain and odor removal.

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